Wisdom For Wisdom

Wisdom For Wisdom

We help students save money for college with free wisdom teeth removal.

At California Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, we believe in helping our local students succeed. Our Wisdom For Wisdom program provides free wisdom teeth removal so that more money can be put toward textbooks and other college expenses. This year, our recipients are Celeste and Emma. 

Celeste, age 23 from Paramount, said in her application that the pain caused by her wisdom teeth was distracting. Having the teeth removed would help her focus more on her education.

Emma, age 17 from Long Beach, is not only saving for college but also for a dental implant to correct an oral health issue that she has lived with for a long time. 

We look forward to improving Emma and Celeste’s oral health and helping them save money for college. You can follow their treatment journeys on Facebook.

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