Full-Arch Restoration

Full-Arch Restoration

Patients experiencing severe tooth loss may be the ideal candidate for the full-arch restoration procedure. Using as few as four dental implant posts, the full-arch restoration procedure restores an entire arch of teeth at once. Patients can enjoy a brand new smile from the very first treatment!

What is full-arch restoration?

Reclaim your smile with a full-arch restoration. Full-arch restoration uses the strength and permanence of dental implants to restore an entire arch — or even an entire mouth — of teeth at once. Patients who are missing most or all of their teeth can experience the joy a brand new smile brings in just one day.

The full-arch restoration procedure works by strategically placing four or more dental implants along the upper or lower arch. A temporary but fixed set of teeth will be used at this time. A permanent arch will be placed at a later appointment after the dental implants have healed.

IV sedation is a common anesthetic option for the full-arch restoration procedure. This allows for the most comfortable experience in a safe and sterile setting. Please visit our Anesthesia page to learn more about IV sedation and other sedation options we offer at California Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center.

Patients experience many benefits after having the full-arch restoration procedure:

  • New smile in just one day. Enjoy a brand-new smile the same day as your procedure, including during the healing period.
  • Recover faster. Because as few as four dental implant posts are used, your oral surgeon can strategically place each implant for optimal healing. This also means that the need for additional procedures, such as bone grafting, can be avoided or significantly reduced.
  • Preserve oral bone health. Dental implants are known as an entire tooth replacement because they also replace the tooth’s root. The dental implant post acts as the new tooth’s root, which stimulates the bone in the jaw to prevent bone loss.
  • Easy care. Just brush and floss, like natural teeth!
  • Confidence! Eat, speak, and smile again! The results are natural, functional, and permanent.

Full-Arch Restoration

Full-arch restoration provides the ideal solution for many patients who suffer from multiple missing or failing teeth. We invite you to contact California Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center in Huntington Beach, CA, to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced oral surgeons. Dr. Park, Dr. Arcan, or Dr. Brewer will customize a tooth replacement treatment plan that suits your needs, preferences, and budget.